How To Get Prescription Coverage With Medicare

The cost of medication is a hot-button topic in the news. Everyone has heard stories of seniors skipping days ...

Extra Benefits Seniors Get in Medicare Advantage Plans

With the addition of Medicare Advantage plans (Medicare C) to the Medicare landscape in 1997, the plan options...


Perry Clark

October 6, 2021

Medicare Annual Enrollment Period Agent Survival Tips

Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period—the 54-day period where Medicare enrollees can elect new coverage for ...

Perry Clark

September 29, 2021

Zero Dollar ($0) Medicare Advantage Plans: What Agents Should Know

For health insurance agents, the opportunity to sell a policy with a zero-dollar premium can be an attractive ...

Perry Clark

September 24, 2021

Medicare Agent Restrictions: What You Need to Know

Medicare plan sales offer agents an exciting and rewarding career path to serve an important and growing demog...

Perry Clark

September 18, 2021

Are Specialized Healthcare Plans Right for Your Senior Clients?

With healthcare expenses skyrocketing, senior clients may benefit from purchasing additional coverage in the f...

Perry Clark

September 16, 2021


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